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The goal of this free course is to give you some basic information on the right attitude to have while looking for a job and how to avoid the typical mistakes that people do while looking for a job. To make that specific to finding a job during this pandemic, we will teach you how to use LinkedIn to network with recruiters and hiring managers and we will share with you some resources that you can use to maximise the opportunities to apply to jobs during the pandemic as well as preparing for an online interview!
Tommaso · July 17, 2021

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Tommaso has directly helped more than 50 job hunters, with over 10000 hours with their job search and writing more than 70 articles. Tommaso is specialised in the UK and Italian job market, both as a coach and as a recruiter. Tommaso has lived in Italy, studying at IULM University ini Milan, in Thailand, where has worked at the international chamber of commerce and move to London in 2014. Since then, he has achieved multiple milestones in the career world. Nominated as a Crowdsourcing ambassador by the global industry leading body, Crowdsourcing Week. Nominated as a member of Nova Talent, a global network of the top 3% of professionals in their field of expertise and has worked as a mentor for Genius in 21 days, an international effective learning company. Since 2015 Tommaso has worked with Clariter Group, the European leader of customer engagement, starting as a Community Manager of a 100 people community and becoming the Global Community director and the Marketing Director of the company that now counts over 100.000 community members over 150 countries. As part of his experience Tommaso has never ceased helping people looking for a job and has also seen the other side of the coin by recruiting top talents for Clariter Group. Tommaso’s new challenge is to create the greatest peer to peer job hunting community and an industry leading course on helping people to find a job in the digital world.

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