How to find a job as a Community Manager! The complete guide

Are you a Community Manager and want to find a better job?
Are you a professional with relevant skills and want to move your career to be a Community Manager?
Or maybe you are a student and want to kickstart your job as a Community Manager?

Well, if you answered YES to one of the previous questions, keep on reading!

I am Tommaso Lucentini, founder of iTalentJob and also expert Community Management professionals with over 10 years experience managing communities, from the iTalentJob community to the Crowdville community, a 100.000 members community that reviews products and services.
With this guide, I want to explain to you the tips and tricks on how to find a job as a Community Manager, as well as explaining what Community Management is.
Let’s begin our journey!

Since Social Media were born, they completely replaced previous dynamics of how companies talk to their customers.

Since then, businesses have hired communication professionals to attract, retain and engage with their customers.

This group of specialists, have been called “Community Managers” by many organisations, but their role is still quite undefined. Since companies interact with their customers in various ways, the Community Manager has different responsibilities depending on the company he works in.  Let’s define then what the Community Manager is:

What is a Community Manager?

“A Community Manager connects with the audience on a personal level, by posting as themselves to encourage engagement among group members. Often they are seen as the community’s advocate for the brand. They encourage discussions and will often ask for feedback from the core audience. The goals for a community manager are broader than they are for a social media manager and include increasing awareness or engagement. A community manager looks to increase the number of brand mentions, impressions, and community members across platforms.”


What does a Community Manager do?

As previously mentioned, Community Managers are advocates of the entire customer base and they support and engage with community members on a daily basis, and the most common tasks they perform are:

• Post updates on relevant information regarding the company they work for. They keep members updated with the latest news and share resources on how to better use products and services from the company.

• Creating engaging content.

• Customer service! They answer to customers’ requests, doubts and queries.

• They take notes of what the mood of the community is and report it to product owners or the marketing team.

• Sometimes, they are also responsible for recruiting customers externally.

• Create new initiatives to make the community more entertaining and valuable.

• Create marketing or advertising campaigns to recruit new members or to remarked recent visitors.

As you can see, the Community Manager needs to possess many hard and soft skills and as I like to say, this is marketing and communication at 360 degrees, ranging from Customer Service to digital adv campaigns, content creation, graphic skills, PR, Social Media Management and many soft skills we will talk about in a moment!

The typical Job Description of the Community Manager

Here’s what we gathered by looking at 50 job descriptions currently online and how many times this task showed up.

  • Respond to community questions and comments. |50/50|
  • Kickstart and participate in online discussions. |47/50|
  • Create content through our main channels |43/50|
  • Build relationships with companies influencers and relevant players in our industry |37/50|
  • Monitor online conversations mentioning our brand |34/50|
  • Attract existing customers to join our online community |30/50|
  • Recruit new subscribers to join our online community |28/50|
  • Build partnerships with our relevant communities relevant industries |25/50|
  • Report community status to management team |22/50|
  • Create learning content for users to know how our product or service works |18/50|
  • Launch surveys and polls to understand customers’ ideas or thoughts |15/50|
  • Create Ad campaigns on Facebook and Google |12/50|
  • Organise online events for our members |10/50|
  • Other tasks… |<10/50|

As you can see, community managers have several responsibilities! Talking about responsibilities and seniority…some people are very curious to know…how much does a community manager earn?

How much do Community Managers earn?

Let’s have a look at various resources we found online:

The majority of community managers in UK earn between £21.000 and £30.000

A senior Community Manager, after some years of experience, can earn up to £53.000!


What do I need to become a Community Manager?

Entry barriers to being a community manager are not that high. It doesn’t mean that getting a job as a community manager is going to be easy.
Community managers needs to have hard skills and multiple soft skills.
We want to highlight that managing a community isn’t easy because you have to interact with many people at once, handle group complaints and one-on-one complains, convince people with your charisma and influencing customers ideas.

As you can now understand, community management isn’t just posting on Facebook and Instagram!

Here’s a list of soft skills you have to possess to be a successful community manager:

  • Organisation – So you can respond to everyone and handle different requests at once;
  • Charisma – Motivating groups of people needs great communication skills;
  • Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking – Understand when you need a firm hand, when you can joke and when you have to be serious;
  • Analytical ability – You have to analyse data to understand the results of your initiatives.
  • Patience – Among hundreds, thousands or millions of customers, you will find plenty of difficult people to handle. When multiple customers complain at the same time, patience is a great skill to possess!
  • Empathy – Dealing with people is quite difficult, sometimes Community Managers need to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

As well as soft skills, to distinguish themselves from other candidates, Community Managers needs to have hard skills to make their jobs easier:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Graphic and Video Editing
  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Strong Digital Literacy 
  • Technical skills (If the industry requires it).


Now that you (hopefully) have more information about what Community Management is, are you interested to know how to become a Community Manager?!

How to Become a Community Manager

Getting a job as a Community Manager, requires showcasing a series of soft and hard skills, rather than obtaining a specific degree. Since the main role skills have to do with interacting with people online, the ability to listen, reply, and show empathy is more important than many other hard skills.

Being a Community Manager doesn’t require you to have previous experience, even though having a previous similar experience will be a plus for your job application.

If you have comparable experience in marketing and/or communication role, as well as a role that required interacting with people online or face to face, finding a job as a Community Manager will be easier.

Showcasing some previous results from – non professional – experiences such as managing a social media page for fun, or having a good traction on your personal social media account, is definitely a plus for your job application.

Last but not least, knowledge or passion in the sector the company operates in, definitely is an advantage for you and your job application!

If you need a competitive advantage, you can surely prove your creativity and soft skills by taking our Community Management certification on iTalentJob! We created our certification for people like you to showcase their skills through short and entertaining challenges, and for companies to hire without biases coming from reading CV of the candidates.

In iTalentJob, we also have a community of other Community Managers so that you can share tips and tricks to find a job as a community manager!


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